HydroFLOW Safely Keeps Koi Ponds Free From Algae


Every pond owner must develop strategies to deal with algae. Seasonal variations affect algae and biological growth in ponds that also affect water quality.

Chemical-free water management is a worthy goal that can be achieved with HydroFLOW. Prevention and continuous conditioning of pond water are the key practices for achieving clear water and keeping it that way.

HydroFLOW for Koi and Decorative Ponds:

  • Causes algae and small particles to flocculate so the filtration is more effective
  • Enhance filtration for clear water within days
  • Does not harm fish, plants or animals, but will control algae and biofilm
  • Prevents the formation of scale in pipes and equipment

Limescale is another concern for ponds because it limits flow through pipes, but also provides a substrate for algae to form colonies and biofilm that is difficult to remove or control. HydroFLOW electronic water conditioning has moved to the forefront as a simple, safe means of controlling algae and scale in koi ponds, fountains and water gardens with low maintenance and cost.

Chemical-free pond management is available using HydroFLOW electronic water conditioning. Your time is valuable and can be spent enjoying your garden and pond with less maintenance and cleaning.

  • Controls bacteria and algae
  • Prevents new limescale accumulation
  • Dissolves and removes existing limescale
  • Boosts filtration efficiency
  • Eliminates or decreases chemical usage
  • Reduces the usage of electricity
  • Increases the efficiency of pumps, nozzles, and equipment
  • Decreases the need for chemical safety precautions, storage, and disposal
  • Reduces maintenance and extends the life of hydroponic and aquaponics systems
  • HydroFLOW will not harm fish or plants in your pond
  • Does not depend on water flow; also treats slow-moving and standing water
  • Propagates the hydropath signal along the entire water system
  • Provides 24-hour protection without interruptions or the need for monitoring
  • Does not interfere with electric systems
  • HydroFLOW S38
    HydroFLOW HS48