Our brand

Hydrotech Solutions was founded to provide innovative solutions for sustainable water management for home and business. This principle has allowed us to provide solutions to water problems with new ways of addressing the challenges, which have been to use chemicals and expensive equipment historically.

HydroFLOW water conditioning is a great example of using a less expensive device to achieve water quality objectives while reducing water loss, reducing chemical use, and improving energy efficiency. Plus, the maintenance is very low, so people can enjoy more free time.

HydroTech was formed to support healthy water for homes and companies with the purpose of improving water quality while decreasing the cost of using it. Water challenges vary depending on location, but in general they can be solved by placing value on high quality water, and planning for subsequent use.

In communities where drinking water is no longer abundant, new approaches of reusing water for irrigation or other beneficial applications should be considered rather than losing it to the treatment plant. HydroFLOW improves the quality of water in homes by reducing scale, controlling biological organisms and improving the efficiency of water systems such as water heaters, pools, and piping.

Examples of HydroFLOW water conditioning benefits for saving water and energy:

  • When a water heater has no scale buildup the water heats faster. This saves energy and delivers the hot water to the shower and tap faster. Over time this saves a lot of water while saving energy.
  • A pool that uses HydroFLOW will use less chlorine and anti-scaling chemicals to maintain water quality. The HydroFLOW frequency causes particles in the water to flocculate, which improves filtration. The pool uses less chemistry and has reduced frequency and duration of backwash events. Cost savings with less effort.
  • Rather than maintaining hundreds of pounds of salt in a water softener, HydroFLOW causes calcium to cluster in the water and cannot attach to pipes. Daily brine waste water is eliminated, sodium residue is prevented from discharge, and the monthly expense of salt is eliminated as well as the physical burden of managing the salt.
  • HydroFLOW is a one-time purchase with no additional supplies or additives, and costs about 35% as much as a water softener, which requires monthly cost and labor.

Water challenges that are solved at the local level help to reduce demands in communities, states and regions. HydroTech was formed to help solve water challenges while saving energy.