Frequently asked questions


Selecting the Right Model and Where to Install It

BOTH units will work for whole house water conditioning (up to 5,000 square feet). The primary difference is the pipe size that a HydroFLOW unit will fit.
  • The S38 will fit pipes up to 1 ½” outside diameter
  • The HS48 will fit pipes up to 2 ½” outside diameter
  • You can easily install the HydroFLOW yourself in minutes without tools or assistance. Here is a helpful video that explains the process:

    HydroFLOW S38 Installation:

    HydroFLOW HS48 Installation:

      The HydroFlow should be installed at the inbound water supply line of the appliance and/ or inlet water supply of residence or building. Please call us at (855) 984-1453 with ANY questions and we will gladly help you.

      How HydroFLOW Works

      Here is a short informative video that explains the Hydropath technology.

      Yes, although it may be a gradual process over a period of months.
      Physical water conditioners are not water softeners, and therefore do not provide chemically soft water. Salt-based water softeners remove essential minerals from treated water and often increase sodium levels, while the HydroFLOW does not remove minerals and does not add sodium or other chemicals to your water.

      Salt-based softeners discharge harmful salts to the environment and require considerable water loss to flush their system daily or weekly. HydroFLOW uses no additives, salts or chemicals, and saves water since no flushing is required.

      Hydropath compared to other water treatments

      Hydropath (chemical-free, salt-free)
    • 30,000 times more efficient than other physical water conditioners
    • Propagates the signal along the entire water system
    • Works independent of flow
    • Gives constant, 24-hour protection
    • Magnetic (chemical-free, salt-free)
    • Very weak signal
    • The fields are local, so the water is only treated at a single point
    • The effect starts to decay as soon the water passes the unit
    • Magnetic particles can build up, reducing effectiveness and causing blockages
    • Double Coil (chemical-free, salt-free)
    • Very weak signal
    • High level of interference with other systems
    • Electrolytic (chemical-free, salt-free)
    • Very weak signal
    • Metal ions are released into the water
    • The fields are local, so the water is only treated at a single point
    • The effect starts to decay as soon the water passes the unit, causing a problem when there is intermittent flow
    • In many devices, the copper pipe itself functions as one of the electrodes, causing the pipe to corrode over time
    • Softeners and Ion Exchangers
    • Removes essential calcium ions from the water
    • Introduces unhealthy sodium and hydroxyl ions into the water
    • Gives water a “slimy” feel
    • Water becomes more corrosive
    • Environmental pollution
    • Costly maintenance
    • Chemicals (anti-scalants, flocculants and coagulants)
    • Severe environmental pollution
    • Extremely costly
    • Need for complex storage and safety procedures

    • HydroFLOW's +-150 kHz frequency extends throughout a water system and 30,000 more powerful than other physical water conditioners.

      A Device using permanent magnets

      A Device using permanent electromagnets

      A Device using consisting of a coil wrapped around a pipe, which acts as an electromagnet

      The green lines represent lines of magnetic forces

      No. Hydropath technology induces an electric signal of harmless AM radio waves (±150kHz) and conforms to American and international directives, including the low voltage directive, therefore, sensitive electrical equipment will not be affected.
      Depending on whether there is existing limescale or biofilm/ algae in your piping, shower heads, etc., or the HydroFLOW is being installed in a new system, the results will vary. Pool and pond water will become notably clearer, shower heads will not develop scale, and hard water spots will become easy to wipe away. Contact us to discuss key success factors that will suit your application’s needs.
      Typically, the dissolved limescale is flushed out of the water system. In some cases, soft scale may settle in the bottom of the equipment's basin as a soft powder, which should be flushed out periodically.
      Yes. The technology ensures the electric signal is induced directly into the water throughout the entire water system, regardless of the type of the piping material. The signal is induced using solid-state ferrite technology.
      Residential units use less than 5 watts of power. This very low power consumption means that the unit costs less than $4 a year to run.


      Water Hardness and Our Health

      HydroFLOW units work on virtually all levels of water hardness. Texas and Oklahoma have regions with very hard water, and HydroFLOW should be effective throughout these states.

      No. The technology does not change the chemical composition of water in any way. It works purely on a physical basis, leaving the water completely safe.

      Yes. The electric signal propagated into the water by the unit does not change the chemical composition of the water. It works purely on a physical basis, leaving the water completely drinkable. The technology also allows essential minerals to be retained in the water, as opposed to an ion-exchanger or water softener.
      No. Limescale contains calcium which is essential for healthy teeth and bones.

      Warranty and Care of Your HydroFLOW

      Yes. We offer a manufacturer-backed, one-year limited warranty against failure or defects in the product or its component parts.
      Yes. The HydroFLOW units use regular 120 volt power.
      No. Apart for being protected with an adequate surge protection device, HydroFLOW units do not require any special treatment. The device operates by means of solid-state technology and has no moving parts. The HydroFLOW will operate trouble-free for years without requiring maintenance.

      Both HydroFLOW units have a red light indicator. When the unit is operating properly the light will remain consistent. If the unit is not operating properly, the light will flicker. If this occurs unplug the HydroFLOW, wait 10 seconds and inspect the surge protector, the pipe where the HydroFLOW attaches,and make sure that the electric cord is NOT wrapped around the pipe. Plug the unit in and wait 30 seconds, and inspect the red light.

      If the light continues to blink or is not lit, contact us by email ( so we have a record of specific conditions, timing, serial number and background of use of your HydroFLOW unit.